Wicker Room Divider With Display Shelf

Item No.: GR-DIV-2125
Privacy Room Screen With Display Shelf  Natural

Natural Plant  Fiber  Divider

 Privacy Room Screen With Display Shelf

1. Lightweight and foldable design, it is easy for you to move it to anywhere you want, foldable design,

you can fold it up when it is not used, it will not take up much of your space.

2. Handmade, 100% weave fiber structure, sturdy and durable for you to use, 

for your long-lasting use, sturdy and stable, it is not easy to fall down as it is freestanding design.

It is great for dividing and separating any type of room.

3. Perfect for Using at Home or Creating Private Space in an Office

With display shelf, you can put anything as you like, it will be a great decor to your room as well.

Robust legs for extra stable support.